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About Us

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Occupational Therapy (OT) is a versatile practice aiding individuals of all ages, spanning from children with disabilities in educational settings to adults and seniors seeking to enhance physical function and cognitive health.

At Healing Infinitely, our dedicated Occupational Therapists focus on addressing each patient's specific daily functional requirements. Through tailored exercises and activities, we target improvements in both physical and mental well-being. Whether it's relearning movement patterns or honing planning and processing abilities, we strive to facilitate recovery from physical, mental, and cognitive challenges.

Our OT plans encompass:

  1. Personalized one-on-one evaluations to identify individual goals.

  2. Interventions aligned with daily tasks and activities, fostering holistic improvement.

  3. Periodic re-evaluations to gauge goal attainment and adjust treatment plans as needed.

Through purposeful engagement, Occupational Therapy attends to diverse needs, aiding individuals in reclaiming functional skills and overall well-being. Our primary aim remains enabling active participation in the activities of daily life.

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What to expect

  • Occupational therapy begins with a patient intake process, which includes completing a health history and meeting with members of the occupational therapy team to discuss personal goals. 

  • Careful planning is necessary for this type of therapy, so patients can be referred to any other services needed to support them. Occupational therapists teach people how to do everyday tasks. For example, they help patients who have lost vision or hearing learn how to cook safely and independently. Or, after a stroke or brain injury, patients might be guided through hand exercises to help them move their arm again.

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